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Construction Cleanup Tips and Techniques

Safety Tips When Cleaning a Newly Constructed Property

Keeping your construction site clean and organized is one part of building maintenance that you must do. If you hire a construction cleaning service, you can save time and energy by scrubbing the floors, mopping, and washing walls and ceilings. With a team of professionals, you don’t have to do the cleaning and organizing yourself, and you can spend more time on the other parts of your project! Below are 3 of the construction cleanup tips you can try!

Know what to throw away

You have plenty of options when it comes to discarding construction debris, however, you should be careful about what you choose to dispose of during your construction project. Some materials will not biodegrade, and others can be dangerous to humans and the environment. Some construction materials are considered hazardous, and they should never be placed in the trash. So, be sure to know what to throw away.

Use a mop and bucket

Use a mop – it is the cheapest option. You can buy a cheap one for less than $20, or make one yourself. Just make sure you pick one that has a synthetic (versatility) and microfiber (abrasive) head. Then, use the box store green janitors’ bucket, filled with warm water. It is not necessary to buy commercial-grade tools and cleaning products; however, it is advisable to use professional-grade products whenever possible.

Wear eye protection

Get yourself some safety goggles and a dust mask, as dust will fly around when you’re mopping floors. Also, don’t forget to apply some facial protection (lip balm and buffering cream). It will help protect your skin from allergies and dryness.

Buckets are good

Never use a mop that has a long handle, as it can get in the reach of children and cause them to trip and fall. Instead, consider investing in a bucket that came with a handle. It makes mopping easier and safer.

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